Brighter Community Planning and Consulting is focused on helping communities, businesses and groups achieve their development goals.

Community planning projects can often be complex even for seemingly straight forward projects. Brighter Community Planning strives to make the process clearer and easier for our clients by being your navigator and facilitator.

By working with Brighter Community Planning, you will get the full attention of Chrystal Fuller, who has over 20 years of experience in land use planning, facilitation, project management and community development.


Brighter Community Planning & Consulting wants to help make the often-confusing process of getting a project or development off the ground easier for you. Let us be the navigators for your next project.

Here at Brighter Community Planning, we take an asset based approach to projects, meaning that we look to capitalize on the strengths of a community or business and build on them for the benefit of all, including our client. Conflict often arises when dealing with development projects. Our approach is to listen carefully, adjust as necessary to help you have the best possible project.
I had the distinct pleasure of working with Chrystal Fuller for the last number of years. The level of professionalism, sense of community and commitment to bring best practices to each project is foremost in every presentation (project). Sincere best wishes! I am excited for you and know your clients will be well served.
Jeff Cantwell

Mayor of Wolfville

What we offer developers and businesses?

You are experts at building and creating, but the municipal approval process can be difficult, long and confusing. Public engagement and consultation takes consistency and can delay progress if not done properly. We can help you navigate this policy driven, process based system, so you can focus on the project itself. By investing in professional planning expertise, we can help you save time and money, and eliminate unnecessary headaches.

We will meet with you for a free project evaluation.

What we offer municipalities?

Municipal units often have limited time and resources to respond to the projects within your community. Brighter Community Planning can step in to help your existing staff on projects and provide the service to your residents that your Council wants.

What we offer to Community Based Organizations and NGO’s?

You know your community best but are having difficulty figuring out the next steps to get that important project off the ground, effectively engaging with your community, finding funding or creating a strategic plan. Brighter Community Planning believes in the power of local communities to create a better life for its residents.

Chrystal has been instrumental in proactively forming community links and accessing significant funding for our organization. A natural project manager, she appreciates the ”big picture”, and works strategically to set priorities, track progress and motivate team members. She is constantly surprising me with hidden areas of talent. She is intelligent, passionate, committed, organized and incredibly articulate. I count myself as very fortunate to have her support and involvement during a period of growth and expansion. I would not hesitate to recommend her to organizations looking to expand, grow or manage change.
Dr. Belinda Seagram, Ph.D.

Seagram & Associates. Founder of Beyond PTS.

Let us help you create your vision. Contact us for a free project evaluation.