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Chrystal Fuller


Chrystal Fuller, LPP, MCIP

 Chrystal Fuller is a licensed professional planner (LPP and MCIP) who has worked in the planning and housing fields for over 20 years. Chrystal is experienced in municipal planning applications and has worked with several municipal units both in Nova Scotia and in Nunavut. 

In addition, Chrystal has worked in senior management leading recreation economic development and tourism initiatives.  Chrystal has also worked in the private sector for a major land development company so understands the needs for private sector clients.

Scott Quinn


Scott Quinn, P.ENG

Scott Quinn has over 20 years experience as a Professional Engineer and project manager in the municipal and solid waste industries.  He led dynamic and innovative teams to deliver strategic and operational direction for public works, engineering, and environmental services teams while providing technical, strategic, policy and procurement advice to stakeholders and external partners.  Scott has a track record of resolving complex technical, regulatory, and policy issues for public and private sector clients.

Dawn Sutherland

Senior Planner

Dawn Sutherland MBA, LPP, MCIP

Dawn Sutherland is a highly experienced professional with a strong background in senior management, urban planning, land development, and project management in various Nova Scotia jurisdictions.

Over more than two decades, Dawn has been instrumental in overseeing countless development applications and providing valuable insights into community shaping.  After completing her MBA, she transitioned seamlessly to the private sector, where her wealth of experience continues to drive a significant impact on regional growth and development.

Ben Croll


Ben Croll, BA Environmental Planning

Ben Croll is a Planner, Development Officer, Community Engagement Specialist, and GIS Analyst.  Ben’s diverse skill set is showcased throughout his work in community engagement, strong research, and analytical talents, creating and giving presentations, preparing development permits and agreements, and helping clients visualize future developments.

Aastha Patel


Aastha Patel BArch, MURP

Aastha Patel is a highly skilled professional with a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and an undergraduate degree in Architecture.  She brings over 3 years of experience in international development planning across Latin America and Asia prior to joining BCP.  At BCP, she contributes to diverse planning projects in Nunavut and Nova Scotia, while also being involved in GIS analytics and community engagement.  She excels in strategic development planning, economic assessments, and utilizes her expertise to shape visionary futures for communities.  With a strong background in urban planning, Aastha is dedicated to creating sustainable and thriving environments through her work in analytics and community engagement.

Pamela Hartwig

Office Administrator

Pamela Hartwig

As the Office Administrator, Pamela’s responsibilities include coordinating behind-the-scenes logistics such as travel plans, supplies procurement, and essential paperwork.  By efficiently handling these tasks, Pamela contributes to the overall success of projects and ensures that the team operates smoothly.  With a focus on supporting logistics and managing administrative aspects related to project activities, Pamela is dedicated to streamlining processes and facilitating a productive work environment for the entire team.

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